Hello everyone, my name is Luisa and I am a mom, and the creator of Nihao My Amigos. 

We have a multilingual family where we communicate in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language (ASL) with our children. After doing a lot of research and not being able to find a lot of learning material in all of those languages simultaneously, I decided to start doing our own videos and printable material so I could help our children expand their vocabulary in a fun way, specially at this age where they are hungry for knowledge, extremely curious and they have an absorbent mind.

These videos and the printable material that comes with each video is COMPLETELY FREE and are based on the philosophy of generosity, this is one of the best ways I have found to teach my children to be more generous, empathetic and tolerant, simply by setting an example. As my father says, no need to preach your son is already watching you.

I hope you enjoy them, little by little I will be placing the material (videos and printables) that we use at home to encourage our children to interact with the different languages we use. Please share this videos with all of your friends, family, teachers, colleages and anyone that might find all of these FREE RESOURCES useful, so we all can encourage not only our little ones, but EVERYONE to learn a new language and/or expand their vocabulary.